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The Ultimate Guide To Playing Pool

Thank you to Jess Philpott of Home Leisure Direct in the UK for sharing this with us.

Cue sports are hugely popular across the world. The simplicity of the game and the fact anyone from any age group can play makes it a great game to play socially. The problem with this is that hardly anybody knows how to play pool/billiards properly. The misconception is that you hold a cue, aim it and fire. This is how most people play and it’s still fun to play this way. Wouldn’t it be better though if you knew how to play and dominated each game you did play on pool tables
It’s your lucky day
We’ve found a comprehensive guide on how to play pool by no other than 4x World Champion Gareth Potts. The guide is 10 chapters long supported with text, video and additional resources. You can jump to any chapter you like and focus on that aspect of your game. Once you complete the guide you realise how many little things affect your play in pool
The way you stand and line up a shot is vitally important. The way you hold the cue with your back hand is vitally important and the other 8 aspects discussed in this complete guide to playing pool. 
You can find the full guide here: The Complete Guide To Playing Pool
Let us know what you think and come back here and comment below on what aspect of your game you think is lagging the most and what your favourite chapter is.
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