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Olhausen Breckenridge Pool Table Installed in Rockville Maryland

Olhausen Breckenridge Pool Table Installed in Rockville Maryland

What a Christmas present for Alan R. of Rockville Maryland!  We installed this 8' Olhausen Breckenridge pool table on New Years Eve and everyone had a great time that night with this stunning custom rustic table.  The Breckenridge remains our most popular reclaimed rustic pool table design because it pretty much looks great in any room setting.  Fitting the family and fun room theme the customer went with bright Red Olhausen Accu-Guard tournament cloth and a custom built two tone black and brandywine wall rack from Olhausen as well.  The mint green walls and comfy wall to wall carpet make this a cozy relaxed game room for the entire family.  We feature a Breckenridge pool table and Shuffleboard table on display at our new Rockville Maryland Pool Table showroom opening Feb. 2016.
olhausen breckenridge pool table rockville marylandolhausen breckenridge pool table side view
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