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Robbies Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee

We are proud to announce the "Robbies Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee" available to New Pool Table and Shuffleboard Table customers in Maryland, Virginia, DC, WV, and PA.  Our Guarantee represents the most comprehensive Warranty Coverage and "Worry Free" ownership experience available ANYWHERE!  Email for Info.

White Glove Delivery and Set Up from our In House Manufacturer Trained & Certified Master Technicians with 10+ Years Experience.  

  • Contractors will never be used to install, service, or provide warranty work on any Robbies Table purchased in-store or online for local delivery.

Lifetime Warranty Parts & Labor Guarantee

  • Labor Costs will always be covered by Robbies at no cost to you for the life of the manufacturer’s parts warranty.
  • This warranty is voided if any non-Robbies Technician services, moves, or repairs the table.
  • The manufacturer’s written warranty terms and conditions always take precedence over Robbies warranties written or implied

Lifetime Guarantee on Pool Table Leveling i.e. “the pool balls will always roll straight on the pool table”

  • New 8' or larger pool tables with a minimum 1" thick three piece slate only.
  • Level warranty is void if any non-Robbies technician moves or services the table, stands on the table, or has flooring or environmental conditions that prevent the table from staying level.  This includes lifting or moving the pool table to install new flooring or standing on it to hang a light.

Lifetime Trade in Program on Pool Tables and Shuffleboard Tables

Robbies will exchange any 7' or larger three piece slate pool table, or 12’ or larger shuffleboard table for a new table, if the following conditions are met:
  • Table must have been originally purchased at Robbies after 1991 with proof of purchase.
  • Table must be in reasonable playable condition with no major structural damage, water damage, or excessive wear and tear.
  • Credit on trade-in will be no more than 50% of the original purchase price of the table only, not including cloth, delivery charges, or add on items not part of the table itself.
  • Trade-in on new table has to double the original purchase price.
  • Table trade-in on new table must be of same general type, i.e. Pool Table for Pool Table, Shuffleboard Table for Shuffleboard Table.
  • Table trade-in must be located in the same delivery and setup location as the new table purchased for a free tear down and trade.  Tear down of the old table and setup of the new table purchased must be same day without any on-site delay caused by other workers.  Any table being exchanged from a location other than that of the new table install will incur a standard minimum service charge of $225 or more for the extra trip.

Lifetime Buy Back Guarantee on Pool Tables and Shuffleboard Tables

Robbies will buy back any 1" three piece slate Pool Table or 12' or larger shuffleboard table with free pickup as long as the following qualifications are met:
  • Table must be in reasonable playable condition with no major structural damage, water damage, or excessive wear and tear.
  • Table must be located within our standard white glove delivery area and no more than 1 floor above or below ground level at the location.  Any special removal circumstances like additional steps, access windows, elevators, commercial locations, or jobs that require more than 2 technicians will incur additional fees debited against payment amount.
  • Robbies will determine the payment amount to the seller based on current market value of the table itself without any delivery, installation, accessories, cloth, or upgrades.  Robbies will set this price at their discretion and will not be obligated to pay any more than the fair used value as determined by them.

Lifetime Coupons & Prefered Customer Discounts

  • Exclusive offers for our customers only, including deep discounts on service jobs + discounts on additional custom built items like Pool Tables, Shuffleboard Tables, Theater Seating, Home Bars, Bar Stools, Poker/Dining Tables, Foosball, Air Hockey, Sectional Couches, and much more!
*Official Rules and Guidelines for the Program are available in store only, please call or visit your local showroom for more information or email