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Robbies Billiards News and Notes Jan. 2011

We recently added over three dozen table shuffleboard models to the online store so stay tuned for some nice factory discounts in the near future.  Also added were the majority of Olhausen Billiards Select and Signiture series pool tables along with the Manufacturer Suggested Retail prices (can't show our best price online, sorry) so at least you can have some idea of what these premium tables cost. 

Most common phone call on Olhausen Pricing, "What do you mean a Waterfall is almost 9 grand, I thought that would be like $2,000!"

Robbies was recently featured in Hagerstown Magazine as an expert source for winter recreation activities.  Owner Patrick McGarity was caught playing Table Tennis (badly) on a Killerspin MyT3 and spoke to the recreational and physical benifits of the game.  "Table Tennis, commonly know as Ping Pong, is not only a terrific game of reflexes and skill, but it can be a real workout if you don't just stand there, got to get your feet moving (almost trips)".

Once again Robbies ownership is invited to sunny Wisconsin this month for the annual Brunswick Dealer Advisory Council meeting.  The top Brunswick retailers in the country will be in attendance to discuss the future of the industry and evaluate "prototype" game room furniture for future production.  Brunswick Billiards is the oldest and largest manufacturer of slate pool tables in the world and they act as a barometer for the entire industry, so check back for an update in a few weeks.

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