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Game Room Layout Tip #2

 Everyone is dealing with high gas prices, high food prices, and high drink prices in bars.  The good news is that those with a well outfitted game room at home are saving on all of the above.  This "nesting" trend has picked up over the last decade with a marked decline in international travel.  Families find that they don't have to drive to the pool room or bar for a game or other entertainment, they have it all at home.  The more seasoned of citizens enjoy time with friends over a game of cards, Table Shuffleboard, or hanging out in comfy home theater recliners.  The x gens, twenners, and teens, enjoy partying hardy with all the X-Box or Merritt games on-line, and of course all enjoy the interactive Wii games. 

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With new flat screen TV's having wireless capability, the lines are blurring when defining entertainment space in the home.  For example, a wi-fi TV can display movies streamed via Netflix from the Wii right into the living room.  The internet connection, the Wii, even the Blue Ray/DVD player don't have to be in the same room!  Now noisier games like Air Hockey and Foosball can be tucked away into a more private part of the basement while the new "high tech" home entertainment options can be enjoyed anywhere in the house.  This blend of old and new home entertainment makes it easy for young and old alike to entertain at home without conflict.  With a nice home bar outfitted with a kegerator and other beverages, as well as good home "cookin" this lifestyle is not only catching on but growing fast, enjoy!!!

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