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Antique Pool Table vs Old Pool Table


Just because a table is 30 or more years old it is not necessarily catagorized as an antique.  In 1947 Brunswick developed a new construction method called the floating nut plate system.  Prior to '47 rails were attached to the table with a screw through the side of the rail into the slate.  The result of the new system is that the rail can be pulled down onto the slate in a much tighter fashion which leads to livelier more consistent bounces.  I won't get into angles of deflection now but save it to say that a pre-'47 table could not qualify for BCA standards today.  Most old tables, before 1947, are old pool hall tables consisting of wood laminate or veneer.  The "antiques" are the solid exotic hardwoods that craftmen like John Brunswick custom built for specific customers.  Some go for over $100,000.  So, buyer beware, don't pay antique prices for old tables.

Check out this Antique Reproduction Brunswick Pool Table

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