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Presidential Celebrity Pool Table Review

Today we are going to reveiw the Celebrity Pool Table, one of the most popular tables by Presidential Billiards.  Presidential is world famous for thier unique African manufacturing facilty and rare building materials like Teak and African Mahogany.  Featuring a lifetime warranty, solid hardwood construction, and three piece 1" slate the Celebrity is a great place to start evaluating this companies product.

Style:  The Celebrity is a transitional style pool table that fits nicely in todays more contemporary homes.  By transitional I mean that it has a very traditional style rail assembly but a funky "tusk" style leg that flares out and a trendy Espresso dark chocolate wood finish.  This table literally "transitions" between traditional style carved leg tables and the more geometric modern style pool tables starting to become more common place.  Overall, the table is a looker (the picture does not show how this looks with modern leather shield pockets instead of those old school fringe pockets) compared to many cookie cutter designs in this price range.  If you don't like the tusk style leg you can opt for a more traditional Square Tapered Leg but the Tusk Leg is what makes the Celebrity so cool.  Grade:  A-

Construction:  Presidential uses exotic African Mahogany in the construction of the Celebrity.  This tight grained wood finishes like Maple and is eco friendly to harvest.  They do not skimp on the wood in this table either!  There are DUAL 2" wide center beams and 1.5" cabinet construction, no veneer or MDF in this pool table.  The 1" framed slate is Brazilian sourced and levels nicely as most major manufacturer's in the industry buy thier slate from the same couple of suppliers.  Level really does come down to how good the installation tech is at his job.  Our one complaint about the Celebrity is the Knock Down construction of the cabinet is not as solid as tables from manufacturer's like Olhausen who pre-build, square, and level the cabinet in the factory.  The hardware on the Celebrity is substantial but we would like to see a more robust leg bolt on this table to make up for the extreme curve to the "tusk" style leg.  Grade:  B+

Value:  The Celebrity pool table retails for around $3,000 putting it slightly above some of the el-cheapo China made pool tables but below the majority of Olhausen and Brunswick solid wood pool tables.  When you factor in the Solid African Mahogany construction, the funky transitional style, and the excellent reputation of Presidential Billiards this is a very tempting table if you like the look.  Think of it as a value version of the best selling Olhausen Chicago Pool Table.  Grade:  B+

Conclusion:  The Celebrity pool table by Presidential Billiards is a fairly new design but has already become a top seller around the country.  Transitional and modern style tables are very hot right now and the Celebrity hits all of the right buttons.  While we would like to see some improvements on the overall construction there is no doubt this table blows away most China made pool tables for build quality and price point.  Final Grade:  B+


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