How to fix a wet pool table

Many of us are dealing with frozen water pipes this winter and the resulting damage to our homes.  One of the common casualties of this water damage is the pool table.  Here in Maryland the majority of home pool tables are in basements, making them easy targets for broken water heaters, frozen pipes, and even sewage back up.  Here is what to do after you call your insurance company and schedule Serve Pro or another clean up company to come out and get the water dried up.  Take this advice very seriously, most damage to pool tables happens during the clean up and home repair.
First let the insurance company know the pool table got wet, even if it is on the other side of the room excess moisture in the air for extended periods can destroy the wood and cloth on your pool table.

Next make sure the clean up guys do not try and move your pool table for any reason!  They can cut the carpet out around the legs or build a platform over the table to work in the ceiling, but do not let them move the pool table.
Make sure no one lays anything on the pool table including tools, debris, or rear ends.  Keep the dust cover or any plastic sheeting the workers bring OFF the pool table, it will only trap moisture and cause more damage.
Take pictures of everything related to the pool table, including wet legs, cloth, splitting, staining, mold, ect.

Show all of this to your insurance adjuster and then call Robbies Billiards at 301-331-7024 and be ready to send us those pictures as well.  We can let you know what it will cost to repair or replace anything from the pool table legs, cloth, or when the table is a total loss.
Before the contractors come out to install new carpet, drywall, paint, or replace anything have the table professionally disassembled and stored on or off site until everything is totally finished.  You CANNOT install carpet under an existing pool table even if the table did not get wet because pool tables cannot be picked up and moved like a big coffee table without voiding your warranty and damaging the table itself.
When everything is fixed have the pool table professionally re-assembled and leveled along with any new parts or cloth that was needed.  Most home insurance policies will fully cover the cost of all this work as long as you follow my advice!  Email to as well for advice on local pool table service in Maryland, Virginia, and DC or contact a local reputable authorized dealer of the model pool table you purchased.

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  • Patrick McGarity
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  • Aakash Prasad
    Aakash Prasad

    Thanks for sharing this blog. If you want to keep your Pool Table dry and safe from being wet then I am sure this blog will be very helpful.

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