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Robbies Custom Ultimate Olhausen Accessory Package (with purchase of pool table)



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  • Four Olhausen Platinum Series Rock Maple Pool Cues with a Lifetime Warranty
  • One 48" Short Cue Stick Rock Maple
  • One Olhausen Branded Heavy Duty Bridge Stick
  • One Set of Olhausen Platinum Tournament Billiard Balls with a Lifetime Warranty
  • One TLP Custom Professional Aluminum 8 Ball Triangle Rack
  • One Wooden 8 Ball and 9 Ball Rack in your choice of wood finish
  • Horse Hair Pool Table Brush, Under Rail Brush, and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Instructional DVD and Billiards Rule Book
  • Leather Tally Bottle and Wooden Tally Pills
  • One Box of matching Silver Cup or Masters USA Made Chalk and chalk holders
  • One Olhausen Fitted Heavy Duty Faux Leather Dust Cover Black or Brown
Regular Price on this Package is $983, Save Big and buy with any slate pool table for $599