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 Non-Slate Pool Tables

Tables with play surfaces made from alternative materials to slate mined from the ground.  These are typical of very low price tables that ship in one piece and do not require professional installation or leveling.  There is no way to perfectly level a non-slate pool table or keep it level over time, so these tables are best for children, very occasional use, or "just for looks".  Due to the pressed wood and MDF used to build these expect two to five years of use out of non slate pool tables.  Typical manufacturers warranty is 1 year.

Snooker and Carom Tables

A Snooker Table is a 9', 10', or 12' table that is set up for either the English or American version of the game of snooker.  The cushions, pockets, and cloth are all different from typical "American Pocket Billiards" tables.  Carom is a table game with no pockets where the goal is to bank colored balls into each other to score points.  These are also custom made tables that are 8' or larger.  As a general rule if you do not already play Snooker or Carom then stick with standard American pool tables.

Commercial Pool Tables

This catagory of tables is reserved for those that are engineered for heavy use in commercial or public facilities.  The rails and pockets are typically heavy duty laminate, formica, high impact rubber, or plastic.  One piece "bar box" tables fall into this catagory, as do "pool hall" tables like the Brunswick Gold Crown.  While the commercial tables tend to be more expensive than home tables, they more than make up for the initial investment by "holding up" over time without major expensive repairs.  Buyers should include Colleges, Government Facilities, Prisons, Youth Centers, Churches, Bars, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Men's Clubs, or Bar League Players looking for a non-coin operated practice table.  Note:  Coin operated tables are not available for sale through retailers.

Modern Style Pool Tables

This group of tables features more modern or contemporary styling than the more traditional group of tables.  These modern tables often have very minimalist designs with very geometric lines, solid colors, and little ornamentation.  Higher end features like stainless steel accents, upgraded high gloss wood finishes, and hidden ball pockets or even dining tops are common in this group.  If you like clean lines and more urban chic style you should take some time and check out the Modern tables.

Traditional Style Pool Tables

The Traditional tables are more mainstream pool tables or tables that feature antique or European designs.  Ball and claw or carved legs, arched cabinets, routing, and ornamentation are the main design elements of this group.  Most of our best selling pool tables fall into the traditional style group as well.  Medium mahogany or cherry finishes on Oak or Maple Wood make up many of these table designs.  If you are looking for a high end showpiece based on Victorian design then this the the place to look as well.

Used Pool Tables

These are previously owned or floor model Pool Tables for sale.  Many of these tables include local delivery and setup in Maryland, Virginia, DC and other areas close to our showrooms.  Please read the product description and review the pictures very carefully before purchasing a Used Pool Table.  We also ask that you call or email to make sure you are in the local delivery area for a used pool table before you buy.  Most of our used Pool Tables are still in the owners home and will not be available to view in our showroom, that is why it is so important to review the listing!

Dining Pool Tables

If you need a pool table that doubles as a dining or conference table then this group is for you!  Many of these tables are built at Dining Table Height 30", about 2" lower than typical pool tables.  This means you can use regular dining chairs around the pool table when you put on a dining top.  The designs also push the legs out to the corners so you can tuck chairs and legs under the table when it is being used as for dining.  Most of the Dining Pool Tables trend toward modern designs, but there are some traditional and arts & crafts style tables available.  Turn your formal dining room or eat in Kitchen into your new favorite home entertainment space with one of these stunning dining pool tables.

Featured Pool Tables

This group of tables is featured in one of our showrooms as a display model or has a unique or special design that does not fit into other catagories.  We also show new designs, custom pieces, or anything that makes us say "wow", you need to check this out!

Best Selling Pool Tables

The definitive list of Pool Tables that are the most popular in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and the surrounding area.  These tables often feature universal designs in hot home furniture finishes for almost any recreation space.  The price range will vary but every table in our list of best sellers is also a Best Value for a lifetime investment.