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7' Pool Tables

These are tables where the play surface measures 78" in length by 39.5" in width.  The actual outside dimensions will vary based on the width of the rails, so be sure to use the play surface when measuring your room.  The ideal room for a 7' pool table is 16' long and 13' wide, however most customers have small obstructions that do not come into play very often.  While many home pool tables are available in the 7' size they are most common as "bar box" pool tables like you see in bars and restaurants.  

8' Pool Tables

These tables have a play surface that measures 88" in length by 44" in width and are by far the most common home tables in Maryland, Virginia, and DC area.  The outside dimensions also vary depending on the width of the rails so please be sure to use the play surface to measure your room.  The ideal room for an 8' pool table is 16' 10" long and 13' 4" in width.  This is only a 4" width difference from the 7' pool table, so it typically does not make sense to get the smaller size if there is an obstruction on the side of the table like a support pole.  The price difference from and 8' to a 7' table is also very minimal, at most $100, another good reason to get more table for your investment and go with the more popular 8' size.

9' Pool Tables

These pool tables have a play surface that measures 100" in length and 50" in width and are considered "tournament" professional size.  There is a 12" length and 6" width increase over the more common 8' size, so a larger than normal room is required.  9' pool tables are suited to more skilled players or those looking to get better by practicing.  This is a tough size for "recreational" players and could become frustrating to the less skilled shooter.  The price point on 9' pool tables starts well over $3,000 and up as less expensive manufacturing is impossible when designing a table this size.

Other Size Tables

This includes larger 10' and 12' Snooker and Carom tables as well as smaller size 1 piece slate commercial tables and recreational non-slate toy tables.  Very few of the tables we sell fall into this category as most home buyers put traditional 7', 8', or 9' pool tables in their homes or businesses.  Pool tables under 7' in length do not offer the angles and challenge of larger tables so they are best suited for extremely small spaces or just for kids.  Snooker and Carom tables are specialty built in 10' or even 12' sizes at a premium price point and if you are not already familiar with these games you should look at a more standard size table.