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Under $1,000 Pool Tables:

This will include non-slate and used pool tables only.  Non-slate tables are best suited for kids or "just for looks", if your expectation is a straight roll of the pool ball you will need to look for an inexpensive used three piece slate top pool table or increase your budget on this purchase.  The reason for this is simple: cost of materials.  Manufacturers cannot buy the raw materials and build a long lasting table in this price range.  Expect one to five years of residential use out of your non-slate pool table.

$1,000 to $1,999 Pool Tables

This is the price range where you will find the majority of good quality used pool tables and some entry level new three piece slate pool tables.  Finish options, legs, colors, ec. will be limited in this price range but it is a good place to start looking for a simple table, usually for first time buyers.  If you consider yourself a "shooter" or expect to play often you might want to increase your budget as it will pay dividends long term in maintenance and replacement costs.

$2,000 to $2,999 Pool Tables

This is what most major manufacturer "recreational level" residential pool tables will cost.  There are a good number of options in style, wood finish, and construction technique that fall in this price range.  Downsides include a step down in quality of building materials from the more desirable "heirloom" pool tables and an almost total lack of tournament size pool tables.  If you are looking for your first home table and do not consider yourself a "pro", this is the price range that most residential buyers in Maryland, Virginia, and DC look for.  If the table is for commercial use in an apartment building or you are interested in a tournament playing table then you should look at other options.

$3,000 to $3,999 Pool Tables

This group of tables falls between the recreational level and the heirloom level of construction and building materials.  These "tweener" tables are a great value if you want uncompromising construction techniques like dove tail cross beams, top of the line cushion rubber, or tournament wide rails, but are willing to give up some of the fancy adornment seen on more expensive models.  Even simpler tables in this price range will feature upgraded wood finishes, drawer options, and elaborate carving details.  This is the price range most custom built pool tables start in, so if you want a one of a kind near heirloom quality table, this price range is optimal.

$4,000 to $4,999 Pool Tables

With very little difference in construction from the "tweener" group, this price range really starts to add on fancy design elements and even more construction options.  Many modern style tables with upgraded "black lacquer" finishes or stainless trim fall into this price range.  At around $4,000 and up you really start to pay for the look of the table more than the actually construction.  These are true Heirloom quality furniture tables in most cases, although some very solid commercial tables also fall into this price range.

$5,000 to $6,999 Pool Tables

If the look, fit, finish, and overall design of the table are your most important criteria then this price range will suit your needs.  Expect high end building materials like birds eye maple, walnut, mahogany, mother of pearl, stainless steel, and perfect fit and finish.  Inlay work and hand carving are available at this price point, with many tables looking like much more expensive furniture pieces than they actually are, including some antique reproductions.

$7,000 to $9,999 Pool Tables

With absolutely no compromise on design or building materials, this group of tables comprises most "dream" pool tables.  Look for very ornate carving, rare building materials, heavily worked and hand-crafted finish options, and custom one-off built to suite designs.  At this price point many tables become more about the look and impression they leave on guests than on their function as a pool table.  Our best selling commercial table the Brunswick Gold Crown falls into this group as well and is considered the benchmark for play-ability and durability in the world.

$10,000 and up Pool Tables

This exclusive price range is all about rarity and show piece quality.  Most true antique pool tables will fall into this price range depending on age and condition.  Many very unique tables like high end snooker and carom tables will also be included.  If the table you fall in love with is in this price range you can rest assured it will be an heirloom to be enjoyed for generations to come.