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Best Selling Pool Tables of 2012

 It has been a great year so far at Robbies with our new "Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee Program" combined with our premium vendors like Brunswick, Olhausen, and Legacy Billiards, especially in the Pool Table category.  Our Kensington Maryland "Design Center" draws a very diverse range of customers looking for everything under the Sun to complete their vision for a dream entertainment space.  Styles are changing and customer taste varies from Maryland, to Virginia, to DC, then out to the rural areas of West Virginia.  We would like to present a list of our most popular and best selling pool tables of 2012.  This list is not necessarily by volume but also by price range, showroom presence, and intangible "hotness". 

 The La Condo by Canada Billiard

This is the ultimate dual purpose dining table pool table combination for real billiard enthusiasts.  This is your only option in three piece slate construction built at 29" high Dining Chair height in the industry.  Combined with incredibly solid Birch wood components, custom finish options, and six different designs the La Condo surprised us at how popular the right kind of high end modern table can be.  The La Condo is featured in our Kensington Showroom and we are the exclusive dealer of Canada Billiard custom pool tables in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area.

The Grace by Olhausen Billiards

What is there to say about the Grace that has not already been covered HERE?  It is the only Solid Hardwood American Made table in this price range with a Lifetime Guarantee, Stunning Original Cherry Wood Finish, and a universal transitional style that works in just about any setting.  The Grace has been a strong table in every market, but in 2012 the Grace became our number one best selling pool table.  The Grace is available to see in every Robbies Billiards Maryland Showroom.

The Glenwood by Brunswick Billiards

The traditional style ball & claw leg arched cabinet pool table is a long time favorite everywhere.  The Glenwood by Brunswick Billiards is a premium example of this type of pool table: elegant lines combined with premium construction and a lifetime warranty from a 175 year old company.  Brunswick comes very close to the "custom" category with the Glenwood by offering five different leg options, five different wood finishes, and 7' 8', or 9' Lengths.  This is our best selling Brunswick Pool table five years running and can be seen in any Robbies Showroom.

The Hampton by Olhausen Billiards

The Hampton is a new style of table that combines modern proportion with a traditional aesthetic.  Olhausen also hit a huge trend in the addition of built in cue and accessory storage drawers on the Hampton, and most buyers chose this optional upgrade.  The carved panels on the Hampton also make it the perfect home for wiped and antiqued wood finish options that are exclusive to Olhausen custom furniture.  The Hampton is also a very reasonable priced table compared to almost everything on the market with this level of style and customization.  We try to feature the Hampton in all of our showrooms but this table is often sold out!

The Chicago by Olhausen Billiards

The modern style Pool Table has finally hit the mainstream with the Chicago by Olhausen Billiards.  This was the sleeper hit of 2012 in our Kensington Showroom and was the number one Mid to Upper end Olhausen sold this year.  Many customers see the Chicago as a more traditional style table in medium and dark mahogany wood finishes.  We tend to show the Chicago in uber chic Matte Black Lacquer on Maple, but that is the great thing about custom tables!  Pictures do not do this table justice as it looks a little "off" on paper, but in person your jaw will drop.  Check out the Chicago in our Kensington Design Center and make it your own.
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