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Billiard Pool Balls Buyers Guide

    Most people don't realize that 80% of the worlds billiard balls are produced by a small company in Belgum.  Saluc's Aramith pool ball factory is the industries top producer of many kinds of billiard, carrom, and snooker balls.  Aramith balls are used in virtually every major pool / billiard event around the world. Organizations like The United States Professional Poolplayers Association, The American Poolplayers Association, and many others have declared Aramith as their exclusive balls used in their tournaments.

You may be saying what’s the difference between Aramith balls and the $40 set I purchased for my nephew?

Your pool balls have more effect on your game than you may think.

Many people seem to think that the diameter tolerance (how round your pool balls are) is a major factor for a billiard ball. It is a major importance and most ball manufacturers will achieve a high level of perfection, but the characteristic of these pool balls is easily achievable in this day and age.

The consistency of the raw materials is what makes Aramith the BEST product on the market. The molecular structure, density, and the balance of the balls influence the quality of play. Inconsistency of the density result in erratic ball behavior, zigzaging balls, inconsistent banking, missing shots and random ball positioning.

Have you ever been to a bar and shot a slow bank shot only to find that the ball moves in a curve pattern. You say "table roll!". That might not be the case, it may be ball roll.

The difference in aramith balls and the $40 set is that aramith balls are going to play the same every time where the $40 set will play how they were built, Cost effectively (cheap).

Aramith balls are proven to outlast standard non phenol balls 5 times as long and they are easier on your tables creating a much more cost effective product.

1 Set of aramith pool balls over a lifetime = ($100 + 1 cloth replacement at $300) $400

5 sets of $40 pool balls over a lifetime + the wear on your tables = ($200+ $600 (2 cloth replacements at $300 each) $800

Besides pool, snooker, and carom billiards, numerous other varieties of billiard games exist throughout the world. Besides more than 800 different billiard types, Saluc makes balls in a range from 3/8 inch to over 7 inches, for applications going from industrial, computer, and medical to 9-pin and duck-pin bowling balls.

The Aramith phenol resin is manufactured in several varieties, going from the Premier quality to the PREMIUM to Super Aramith (which is used most in high-precision carom balls and tournament play) and Super Aramith PRO, used for the top-of-the-line pool balls and high level tournament play.

Regardless of the quality level, all balls are controlled along seven basic criteria: density, balance, diameter tolerance, roundness, color precision, surface polish, and brilliance.

The Premier variety is the most widely known, because of its excellent price-to-quality ratio. Still, the PREMIUM variety was recently introduced as the next generation to the Premier quality to assure even lower yearly ball and cloth cost. With its Vitrotech technology, the PREMIUM ball surface is completely through-hardened, giving it its unique transparent vitrified surface and increasing the surface density and hence its longevity. Its very fine molecular structure has been engineered to resist to the high-friction temperatures when the ball slips into roll. As its surface doesn’t rough up, it keeps its smooth polish a lot longer and won’t rough up the cloth either, making a lot of dollar difference for anyone who has to pay to have thier pool table re-clothed.


I am not going to pull away from the lower end balls they are great for a pool table down in your basement that is played on 3 times a year. But if you play more than once a week I highly suggest aramith balls or similar construction. They last longer, they protect your pool table investment, and they offer consistent play for a consistent player

Aramith Premier Pool Balls.

The most cost effective, these balls were created for the somewhat casual player. they feature aramith premium phenol resin as the building block and can be purchased for around $100. Aramith Premium Pool Balls.

A good compromise these balls feature the same phenol resin as Aramith premier(same quality) balls but offer a different design. They can be purchased for around $100.  Another good set at this price is the Magnum lifetime guarantee'ed ball set.

Aramith Pro Cup Pool Balls

The benchmark best pool balls in the world Aramith pro cup pool balls are manufactured with Aramith Pro Resin and include the "measles" ball. These are the balls you will see being played on ESPN. They sell for around $225. You can also buy the Aramith Pro Cup value pack which includes a training ball and a ball cleaning kit.

Aramith Tournament Pool Balls

New technology from Aramith, the Tournament Ball Set is the new top of the line.  Molecular Matching "Duramith" Technology make this the fastest playing, best looking ball set in the world.  Expect to pay around $250 for this set, but you will appreciate it for a lifetime!

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golde crownhustler - December 24, 2013

I spend lots of money over the years on simonis 860 and 860hr I don’t care what bull everybodys opinion the bottom line Brunswick centenials and aramith psuper pros are exactly the same the way they play and they leave the lite table cloth burn.the aramith tournament set plays just as true as the other two but leave 1/4 of the cloth burn they are by far the best just because of that anyone who disagrees obviously doesn’t own their own table or does and doesn’t mind burning cloth and money

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