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Hot List Holiday 2011 Buyers Guide

 Here at Robbies we usually focus on traditional home entertainment purchases like Pool Tables, Shuffleboard, Home Bars, ec.  These items can be a terrific investment and hold up extreamly well over the years.  We also pay close attention to other home entertainment trends, especially cool new electronics and man cave toys!  We Can't help it loving that stuff even though we don't sell it.  No game room is complete without at least a few gadgets, so here we go, the best stuff for your man cave (other than a new Robbies Game Table of course):

The Sharp 70-inch LC-70LE732U Flat Panel LCD TV is the largest of its kind on the market and by far the most impressive.  This thing blows away most "HUGE" flat screen TVs with 20% more viewable area than a 62" screen.  If you have a giant game room at least 30' by 15' why not get something this impressive?  MSRP is $3,799, but it can be had for around $3,000 if you shop carefully.  My recomendation is to wait for spring on this item, when that price is sure to drop into the $2,500 range.  An even better alternative is a 100"+ Projection Screen for less than half the price!

This is the new Amazon e-book reader the Kindle FIRE and for $199 you get a pretty cool little toy.  For the home game room this is perfect as a web browser, remote control, droid app store, and distraction for the kids.  It has Wi-Fi but no 3G, so it works well as a stay at home iPad alternative at less than half the price.  If you want a touch screen control center for your sound system or tv in the man cave, this Kindle Fire is the way to go.

The Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter is less than $25 and the most fun you are going to have indoors for that chump change!  This little guy features an infra-red controller, rechargeable batteries, and perfect balance thanks to a high tech gyro system.  Think about it, do you know a guy world who wouldn't want one of these to mess around with between games of pool or at halftime?  You can bet this is the fastest way to put a childish grin on any man's face this holiday season!

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