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What is the difference between 1" and 3/4" Pool Table Slate?

Question: What is the importance of 1" framed slate over 3/4" or 1" unframed slate?

Answer:  There are a couple answers to this question.  First and most important: 1" pool table slate is 25% heaver than 3/4" slate.  Not many consumers understand that when professional installers are leveling and flatting three piece slate the weight of the slate is a major factor in the installation process.  Would you buy a new car that had 25% less frame then another just to save a couple hundred dollars? Or buy a house that has 25% less foundation then another? No. Then why would you buy a pool table that has 25% less slate?  I have installed many 3/4" unframed slate tables that when you try to play on the finished product it is almost impossible.  The table will not stay level and you can literally shake the table from side to side. 

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    Second question: Why purchase 1" over 1" framed slate.  Again not many consumers know the importance of having framed slate for the installation process.  When the cloth is being installed on a pool table it is critical for it to be stretched  properly.  If you have a wood or manufactured wood backing mounted onto the slate the cloth can be properly stretched and stapled onto the slate backing.  If you have unframed slate the only way to install the cloth is to glue onto the slate itself.  When you glue cloth onto slate the cloth will give way when you release it from the stretch side compromising the installation process.

   To sum it up; when you are spending thousands of dollars for a real pool table it does not make sense to  save a couple hundred dollars to purchase a table that does not have the necessary product to properly flatten, level, and install the bed cloth properly.  We at Robbies warranty all of our tables with a lifetime level warranty.  This is why we refuse to sell a table with inferior slate. Flat out we will not sell a product that we cannot endorse.

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Jim Grolemund - May 9, 2013

You say “First and most important: 1” pool table slate is 25% heavier than 3/4" slate." Wrong…1" pool table slate is 33 and 1/3% heavier than 3/4". proof; .75 × 1.333333333 = ???

BUT, you are correct in inferring that 3/4" slate weighs 25% less than 1".
proof; 1 – .25 = ????

Esper - May 24, 2012

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