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Game Room Layout Tip #4

 People spend thousands of dollars on quality game room items like bars, pool tables, poker tables, and games, but seldom put any thought into how guests will use these items day to day. If you have a nice big screen TV with theater seating, does it make any sense to put a Foosball Table or Air Hockey Table in the same room? Foosball and Air Hockey are tons of fun for the people playing, but not so much for the other people in the room trying to hear a TV or hold a conversation over very loud play. How about that bright pool table light over your nice new Brunswick or Olhausen Table? Have you considered how those 100 watt bulbs will effect that nice new projection screen TV you put at the other end of the room? Are you trying to just use the recessed lights over the pool table to light the game, and if so, how does having banks and banks of overhead lights on effect the atmosphere in the game room for other people?

                    Check out this antique reproduction light from Brunswick Billiards

Custom built home bars are awesome, but does it make sense to spend your entire game room budget on a bar that most guests are only going to spend a few minutes standing around?  If you are building or buying a substantial home bar, have you budgeted for bar stools?  Before you start building or buying game room items, take some time to lay out the entire space and honestly ask yourself: "How am I really going to use this recreation area?"  Take some blue painters tape and "lay out" your potential purchases on the floor in the room to see what the spacing will look like.  Make sure your measurements are correct for things like the pool table, bars, or game table sets.  Taking the time in the planning stage to double check all of these things will save you money and make you a better home entertainer!

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Tara - February 13, 2014

how much does a three slate pool table weigh?

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