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Game Room Layout Tip #3

 When you are planning a Game Room that includes a Pool Table you need to set up the space correctly to enjoy the game of billiards.  Most people talk to their builder or buy a pool table focused on the space where the table will sit and making sure there is adequate room for the pool cues around the table.  This is important but it is only part of setting up the space properly.  There are two things you absolutely must have around your pool table:  A place to set your drink down and a place to sit and lean your pool cue.  If you don't have seating (up high so you can see the game being played by your opponent, no couches!) you will find guests sitting or leaning on the pool table rails, a BAD IDEA. 

The Legacy Heritage Billiard Spectator Chair is perfect for holding a drink and your cue while you wait.

 If you don't provide a quick and convenient place to set your drink down when its "your turn" to shoot, drinks will end up sitting on the pool table rails or kicked over on the floor.  Look at simple furniture items like Spectator Chairs, Floor Standing Cue Racks, Pub Tables, and Bar Stools to solve this problem.  Always provide seating for at least three or four people around the pool table, along with a quick convenient shelf or pub table to set their beverage or food on, and you will not have to worry about expensive damage to your big investment, the pool table!

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