Texas Hold'em Dealer 500 Poker Chip Set

By GLD Products

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 The perfect add-on for your new Texas Hold'Em or Poker Table is this set by GLD.  Featuring 500 11.5 gram Claytec Clay Composite Casino Quality Chips, Two decks of cards, a set of player buttons, and a Heavy Duty Aluminum Travel Case.  This is our Best Selling Poker Chip Set and makes a perfect gift.

Time to ante up for some fun. The Hold'em Dealer Poker Chip Set is the perfect way to enjoy a game of poker. The set comes with 500 striped dice chips, 2 decks of cards, and game buttons. This set is perfect for both the serious card player and the beginner looking to learn the game. The chips have the classic striped dice design to make you feel like your playing right in the casino. The chips and accessories store neatly in a padded, silver aluminum case that allows you to start up a game of poker where ever you go. Entertain your friends and family today with the Hold'em Dealer Poker Chip Set. Features:
  • Padded, silver aluminum case
  • Includes 500ct., 11.5gm, striped dice chips
  • Includes 2 decks of cards and game buttons
  • Chip assortment is 150 white, 150 red, 50 green, 50 black, and 100 blue
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