Delta 13 Select Pool Ball Rack

Delta 13 Select Pool Ball Rack

By Delta 13

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 Designed just for Robbies Billiards this special edition Billiard Pool Ball rack from Delta 13 is the last one you will ever need.  Based on the Select Rack design, this billiard ball triangle features a lifetime warranty through Robbies Billiards and Delta 13.  Two sides feature the Robbies Billiards web logo with the iconic Delta 13 emplem on the third side.  The Robbies Billiards Edition Delta 13 Select Pool Ball Rack is available for purchase online or at any Maryland Showroom Location.

The Delta-13 Select anodized aluminum ball rack was designed and manufactured to bring a long lasting rack at a lower cost into the market. With its patented ergonomic grip and sleek new design, this rack will surpass and out perform all other billiard racks.  The Select is a consistently tight rack with unpredictable results that will reduce your cloth wear.

Made in the U.S.A.

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