Z Brunswick Newbury 9' Pool Table

By Brunswick Billiards

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www.brunswickbilliards.com MSRP $18,399

The Newbury Pool Table by Brunswick Billiards is new for 2013 and available in limited quantity to select buyers only.  Please contact our Maryland design center at robbies.scheduling@gmail.com or call 301-331-7024 to speak with a designer consultant about this unique pool table.

There's handsome, and then there's the Newbury. This table offers incredible detail and custom features that make it a standout, whether you're judging by how good it looks or how well it plays. From hammered metal accents and steer horn diamond-shaped sights to an antique distressed finish and herringbone patterns enhancing both apron and legs, the Newbury has what it takes to catch your eye and enhance your game. Whether you want to make a statement that says, "I know art" or "I know how to play," let Newbury do the talking.

Includes matching cue rack that holds up to eight cues.


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