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Brunswick Centurion Pool Table

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The Centurion, a superb combination of streamlined styling and rigorous engineering standards, features attractive and sturdy pedestal-style legs, a leg stretcher, and foot levelers. This table is commercial grade and sits below the Gold Crown in terms of construction. Gully return available.  Pricing shown is MSRP please call or email for our best price to Trade or home buyers

Table size: 8ft   9ft
Finishes Available:
Matte Black
Leg Options: Standard (as shown)
Rail Sights: Round
Pocket: Gully Return or Drop Pockets available

Base Frame Construction
Interior Style
  • Made from superior engineered wood material for commercial application
  • Assembled using high-torque bolted construction providing a strong and sturdy base, Imported

Matching Cue Rack:
Gold Crown™ Wall Rack

Brunswick standard features include:
Brunswick Certified Premium Slate
High Performance Nut Plate Construction
Super Speed Cushions