Brittany Steel Tip Bristle Dart Board

Brittany Steel Tip Bristle Dart Board

By DMI Sports

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 An ideal entry-level bristle dart board, the Nodor Brittany™ is designed specifically for steel-tipped darts. The regulation-size board offers such features as a movable number ring that prolongs the life of the board, easy-to-read numerals on the ring, and self-healing sisal fibers that hold up to years of use and abuse. Unlike tournament boards, however, the Brittany doesn't have an angled spider nor a staple-free bulls - eye, making it more suitable for recreational play than tournament use (Nodor produces a full line of tournament boards for serious players). But for a basement, rec room or garage, the Brittany is a perfect fit.

  • Board Brittany™ bristle dart board
  • Dart Board collection
  • Hanging kit
  • High-grade sisal fibers for a self-healing playing surface
  • Movable number ring so board will wear evenly, prolonging life of Dart Board
  • Indoor and outdoor use

  • Target area: 13.5"
  • Dimensions: 18" H x 18" W
    Brittany™ Bristle Dart Board 18" H x 18" W

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