Robbies Exclusive Guaranteed Customers who purchased your table at Robbies Billiards & Patio please contact the preferred customer service manager at or call 301-331-7024.

WARNING:  Most manufacturer warranties are voided if you do not use Factory Certified Technicians.

-Robbies Billiards & Patio is a Factory Authorized Dealer for the following manufacturers with IN HOUSE certified master technicians NOT contractors to work on your pool table:  Brunswick Billiards, American Heritage, Olhausen Billiards, Spenser Marston, Connelly Billiards, Legacy Billiards, Imperial International, Presidential Billiards, AMF Billiards, Kasson, Diamond, Valley Dynamo, Canada Billiard, C.L. Bailey, Fischer.

Services Offered by our in-house Master Technicians

  • Replacement of old cloth (felt)
  • Setup and Leveling of Pool Tables
  • Pool Table Tear Down and store in customers home
  • Pool Table Tear Down & boxing for long moves
  • Pool Table Tear Down, Move, and Reset of tables from one house to another
  • Pool Table Re-Leveling
  • Replacement of Pool Table Cushion Rubber Bumpers
  • Shuffleboard Table Setup, Leveling, or Local Moves in our vehicle
  • Pool Table Cloth is available in pre-packaged cuts for do-it-yourself recovers
  • Pool Cue Retipping, Ferrel Replacement, and Shaft Cleaning In Store
  • Commercial, Government, and Institutional work is our specialty

Robbies Billiards & Patio has provided local service in Maryland, Virginia, DC, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania since 1954 using certified, bonded, and fully insured Technicians with the best equipment available.  While our Master Technicians spend most of their time servicing our own customers .  Please contact our service manager at 301-331-7024 or Email Have ready the following information:  table manufacturer, age, size in inches, and any other information you can provide about the tables service history. This information is crucial for providing our customers with an accurate quote or scheduling service for your pool table.

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