Brunswick Brixton Pool Table delivered to Abingdon Maryland

Posted on August 14, 2015 | 0 comments
This is something special:  A new game room in the Enclave development created by our friends at Design Work Interiors.  The space was professionally designed and decorated with the Brixton pool table by Brunswick, a matching cue accessory rack, and bankers grey tournament cloth by Olhausen for the lucky residence of this up scale multi family project.  If you are a designer or home buyer looking at options for your own entertainment space give us a call at 301-331-7024 or visit a Robbies Billiards Home & Patio showroom today.

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Olhausen Chicago Pool Table delivered to Upper Malboro Maryland

Posted on August 14, 2015 | 0 comments
Another lucky Olhausen pool table owner is Jeff H. in Upper Malboro Maryland with this custom stained 9' Chicago model in Oxblood on solid maple.  The table is fully customized with hand inlayed Mother of Pearl rails, custom matching accessory rack, and our Olhausen Platinum accessory kit.  The contemporary transitional pool table look is complete with Accu-Guard Bankers Grey spill proof billiard cloth and a lifetime warranty as always through Robbies Billiards Home & Patio!

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Olhausen Grace Pool Table Delivered to Dumfries Virginia

Posted on August 14, 2015 | 0 comments
Congrats to Theresa M. in Dumfries Virginia on her new Olhausen Grace pool table.  Theresa wanted something contemporary for her newly remodeled basement that didn't break the bank.  The Grace in a dark original cherry finish with bankers grey spill resistant cloth looks great in this space and will hold up for decades both visually and to play.  The Grace by Olhausen is exclusive to Robbies Billiards so call or email today for pricing and availability

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Olhausen Carom Table delivered to Frederick Maryland

Posted on June 24, 2015 | 0 comments

Another cool custom table we delivered recently is this custom built 9' Olhausen Carom table for Giancarlo G. in Frederick Maryland.  The buyer grew up playing Carom, a game similar to American Billiards but without pockets and only using three balls.  We worked with Giancarlo to design this Brandywine on Maple transitonal style carom table with contrasting Black tournament cloth for the fast play serious Carom players demand.  The table is based on the Olhausen Reno model with many personal touches like hand inlayed diamond rail sights and tournament "Accu-Fast" cushion rubber.  If you have questions about designing your own custom Carom table anywhere in Virginia, DC, or Maryland give us a call at 301-331-7024, email, or visit the local Robbies Billiards Home & Patio design center.

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Olhausen Hampton Pool Table Delivered to Great Falls Virginia

Posted on June 19, 2015 | 0 comments

Congrats to Stephen and Katherine P. of Great Falls VA seen here with there new 7' custom built Hampton Pool Table by Olhausen Billiards.  The table and basement remodel was designed by Great Falls Distinctive Interiors who worked with Robbies Billiards to design and install this wonderful billiard room space.  The room size was not large enough for the 8' table but a custom built 7' table works perfect for this upscale space in Northern Virginia.  Visit Great Falls Distinctive Interiors online at for more great design ideas or visit a Robbies Billiards showroom location to see this and many other custom Olhausen pool tables.

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Olhausen Harley Davidson Pool Table Delivered to Charles Town West Virginia

Posted on May 28, 2015 | 0 comments
Another proud Olhausen owner in the pan handle of West Virginia is John and Lisa M. of Charles Town.  Check out this custom built Harley Davidson pool table by Olhausen with custom graphics, inlay, and Harley trim pieces only available here.  The bold brass Harley logo is set in the side of the cabinet and on the rails so there is no mistaking this for a cookie cutter import pool table, this is made in America!

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Olhausen Ellianna Pool Table in Charles Town West Virginia

Posted on May 15, 2015 | 0 comments
Ellianna Pool Table West Virginia

Congrats to Bill K. in Charles Town West Virginia on his new 8' Olhausen Ellianna Pool Table custom built by Robbies Billiards.  Bill saw this exact custom color combination at a friends home and loved our Ellianna Design.  He and his wife stopped in our new store in Williamsport and built this custom Brandywine and Black Lacquer looker for thier home in Charles Town right down the road.  The Ellianna is custom built and only available at Robbies Billiards so give us a call at 301-331-7024 or email if you have questions about building your own!

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Olhausen Gabriel Pool Table delivered to Bethesda Maryland

Posted on May 13, 2015 | 0 comments

Congratulations to Scott M. of Bethsda Maryland on his new 8' Olhausen Gabriel Pool Table delivered by Robbies Billiards Home & Patio.  Scott was looking for a high quality solid hardwood Made in the USA pool table that didn't break the bank and boy is he happy with his Olhausen Gabriel.  The table was installed to replace a China made table in the same spot that was falling apart after 15 years of light residential use.  Scott wanted tournament grade Accu-Guard speed cloth in traditional dark green and he is proud to show off this heirloom table.  If you would like info on our exclusive Olhausen Gabriel pool table please call 301-331-7023 or visit a local Robbies Billiards showroom location

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Top 10 Pool Table Designs for 2015

Posted on March 30, 2015 | 3 comments
Home remodeling season is heating up and many home buyers have a pool table in mind for that nice finished basement or entertainment space.  In Maryland and Virginia Pool Tables are still the benchmark for family fun in upscale homes.  Table designs have come a long way in recent years and many contemporary looks have gone main stream.  Dark wood finishes are still king, but distressed and reclaimed wood are becoming more popular by the day.  Here is my Top 10 Hottest Pool Table Designs for 2015:

#10  The Alexandria by Olhausen Billiards
Hand built in Tennessee from solid hardwood the Alexandria is a showpiece pool table custom built for Robbies Billiards in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.  The sweeping modern lines and eye catching custom options make this look unlike anything in the market right now.

#9  The Brixton by Brunswick Billiards
One of the first tables to use a reclaimed beach wood look combined with modern elements like brushed steel, the Brixton is a hot table in the Northern Virginia design community.  They are selling out nation wide but this table is worth the wait.

#8  The Black Light by Billiards Toulet
What is there to say about this high end art table from France other than WOW!  Robbies Billiards is currently the only company distributing the Blacklight on the East Coast so if you have deep pockets and a desire to own one of Europe's most award winning pool table designs then we should talk.

#7  The Nicholas by Olhausen Billiards
Another custom table only available at Robbies Billiards and created for our local designers.  The transitional modern style works in many different spaces and the price is a bargain compared to most modern style pool tables.

#6  The Newport by California House Furniture
This company has come a long way with their pool table line and the Newport puts the design community on notice.  The sweeping leg design and contemporary flair of the Newport is bound to be copied for years to come

#5  The Infinity by Adler
Another pool table with an aspirational price point and for good reason:  This table is unlike anything in the world right now with an MC Escher inspired "infinity" loop in the base and bespoke wood trim everywhere.  Another example of pool table as art that can be appreciated even if you can't afford one.

#4  The Ellianna by Olausen Billiards
Our best selling custom table is going strong for 2015 and still gaining in popularity.  With the timeless traditional arched cabinet carved leg look combined with the ability to "built it your way" the quality of this American Made table leaves an impression on everyone who sees it.

#3  The Ashbury by Presidential Billiards
Created as a Dining Table the Ashbury really works better an  just a pool table for one very good reason:  It is too pretty to cover up with a dining top.  Pictures do not do justice to how pretty this table is in person and it is very affordable as well.  Of course you can still get a dining top if you insist.

#2  The Toledo by Bilijardai
This is the most requested look in the DC Northern Virginia and Maryland area right now because it looks nothing like a pool table!  Available in 6' through 9' sizes, everyone wants a pool table that they can use as a dining table or poker table and this look nails it. 

#1 The Breckenridge by Olhausen Billiards

The Number One best selling custom table in the country this year is the Breckenridge.  Reclaimed barn wood is HOT right now and the Breckenridge is the perfect combination of contemporary lines with the heavily distressed look made popular by companies like Restoration Hardware.  Add the legendary Olhausen reputation for the best built pool tables in the world and a mid range price point and you have the Hottest pool table design for 2015.

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Brunswick vs Olhausen Pool Tables part 2

Posted on November 05, 2014 | 1 comment
The most common question I receive on a daily basis from customers is still "who makes the better pool table Brunswick or Olhausen?"  I attempted to answer this question in my previous blog Olhausen vs Brunswick Pool Tables but since that was written Brunswick discontinued the Camden model that I used to compare the manufacturers.  The point of using the Brunswick Camden vs the Olhausen Santa Ana was to compare two middle price point tables with all the top of the line construction bells and whistles.

Today I am going to compare two tables designed to appeal to a much broader customer base and specifically engineered to hit a lower price point.  The majority of slate pool table sold in the US fall between $2,000 and $2,500 so lets compare Brunswick vs Olhausen Pool Tables in this more affordable price range.  Over the last 10 years we have two pool tables that are all time best sellers in this category.
The first table I would like to offer for comparison is the Brunswick Allenton.  This table is marketed under the Contender Line and is available through Costco, Sears, and some other mass merchant sellers.  The Allenton can still be purchased through the authorized Brunswick dealer network for the time being.  To compare I have our Olhausen Grace Pool Table.  The Grace by Olhausen is only available at Robbies Billiards Home & Patio and carries our Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee.  I am comparing these tables because they are very similarly priced, have a similar style, and are very popular for residential 1st time pool table buyers in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.  The finish on both tables is very consistent and durable.  Olhausen has a catalyzed lacquer finish with a matte texture and very smooth hand.  The Contender Allenton has a high gloss multi stage finish with a plastic like clear coat top layer for added durability.  If you like a more natural wood look the Olhausen finish is superior but the Brunswick finish may be more durable over time.
From an engineering standpoint the Brunswick Allenton and Olhausen Grace are very different.  The Allenton is made in Vietnam from South East Asian Hardwoods and Veneers, Plywood, and features Tru-speed cushion rubber (not Super Speed).  The base frame is shipped disassembled and must be built and squared on site in your home.  Brunswick builds a great knock down product but it is obvious the Allenton is not built to the same standards as the Brunswick Collection Tables that it imitates.  From the hardware to the packaging you can tell this table was built to hit a price point.  The Allenton features the same 1" tournament slate at the Brunswick Collection Tables but that is the only component of the Contender series shared with the higher end tables.

The Olhuasen Grace is a simple table with a solid Fruitwood cabinet and legs (better known as Poplar) and real Accu-Fast tournament cushions.  The rails are only 5" wide vs the 6.5" or wider rails on higher end Olhausen tables but they are real North American Rock Maple rails.  The cabinet is factory squared and pre-assembled but can be knocked down if needed to get into a tight space.   The slate is the same 1" tournament Brazilian slate that Olhausen uses on all of their pool tables and the entire table is built by hand in Tennessee.  Unlike the other Olhausen tables, however, you cannot custom build a Grace any way you like.  The Grace only comes in 7' or 8' and in Traditional Mahogany or Original Cherry wood finish options.  This is a concession to the price point and a great example of how an American company can stay competitively priced against China and Asian manufactured pool tables.

The verdict here is simple.  The Allenton is not a bad table by any means but is does not compare to the Brunswick Collection tables it apes.  If you are in the market for an import pool table you are still better off with the Contender line than other China made products. The Olhausen Grace is clearly a baby Olhausen but it still features everything that makes an Olhausen table special.  From the cushions to the hand built solid hardwood cabinet, you are still getting a real Olhausen when you buy a Grace.  If Made in the USA is still important to you then the debate is over.

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