Looking for a green way to spend your summer vacation?

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Looking for a green way to spend your summer vacation this year? Less than a one-hour drive east of Seattle, Washington, you can find the Tolt MacDonald Park & Campground nestled in the Tolt River-John MacDonald Park, which is run by King County Natural Resources and Parks.

The Tolt Campground unveiled its first new Camping Container last September, an upcycled surplus 24-foot shipping container that utilizes recycled and sustainable materials to provide comfortable accommodations to visiting families (it sleeps up to four in a double/single futon bunk bed and a futon chair that converts to a single bed).


The sustainable features of the project, developed by Joel Egan of Seattle design firm, HyBrid Arc, include LED lighting, radiant heating, use of low-VOC materials. His treatment was the winning design in a contest run by King County that required submissions to be green and focus on recycle and reuse concepts. If you’re interested in “tiny home” living, staying in the Camping Container is a great way to find out if you are capable of living this small and to get inspiration for your own upcycled shipping container designs.


Located on the Park’s west side, across from the Snoqualmie River, the Camping Container site is walk-in only on a path that crosses a 500-foot suspension bridge. It is available for overnight stays starting from $50 per night on weekends between May 1 through September 30.


Tolt Park also has camping areas for tents, recreational vehicles, and small and large groups. Six yurt structures that sleep up to seven people are available for two-day minimum stays on weekends and three day minimum stay on holidays.

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Buyers Guide

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 Check out this great article and buyers guide for patio furniture in Maryland and Virgina courtesy of Family Leisure Company.

Before you order patio furniture, answer the following questions:

Patio Furniture

1. How much furniture do you need to create the atmosphere you desire?

If you're unsure what furniture to buy, consider the following:

  • Small backyards are ideal for bistro sets or chaise lounges bookending a tea table, perfect for a relaxing afternoon with your spouse or sharing a bottle of wine with a friend.
  • A medium-size patio will look great with a square table and chairs, flanked by accessories like potted plants or cement planters.
  • A large backyard might include a rectangular dining table and chairs, a grill, a bar and bar stools. Start with a table and add pieces as you acclimate to your new space.

2. What table shape should you purchase?

Tables come in a variety of shapes:

  • Tea: Enjoy a glass of iced tea while you relax outside and read from a good book.
  • Bistro: is perfect for a meal for two, whether a light lunch or romantic dinner.
  • Square: Seats four. Think summer breezes and lunch on the terrace with the in-laws.
  • Bar height: Gather friends on the porch for cocktails and a post-game discussion.
  • Oval: Can accommodate six people.   Good for a small dinner party.
  • Picnic: Backyard parties start with this table, which seats eight, and looks great next to a gas grill.
  • Rectangle: Seats 12 people. Excellent for an outdoor dinner with friends.

3. What type of material will withstand the weather conditions in your climate?

  • Plasict long-lasting, recycled and is made to withstand all climates. Available in chaise lounges, rockers, swings, stools and more.
  • Teak or cherry are sturdy, solid, beautiful and classic. Adds elegance to your patio and can retain original look or weather naturally to a light grey.
  • Wrought iron is durable, family-friendly, rust-resistant and available in a variety of styles.
  • Aluminum is rust-resistant, lightweight, rust-resistant and complements any style of furniture.
  • Wicker is weather-friendly, hand-woven from synthetic materials and budget-friendly.
  • Sling is great outdoors, especially around the pool, can come with or without cushions and is considered the most contemporary of all outdoor furniture.

4. How are you going to decorate?

  • Above all, have fun when it comes to decorating your patio or backyard! Don't worry if you have no design experience or can't afford to hire a professional to help you. After choosing the shape and size of your outdoor furniture, allow your personal preferences and backyard’s landscaping to determine the pieces you select. Mix and match for a look unique to your interests and favorites.
  • Decorate an empty space with a table, chairs and more, but make sure you allow room for guests to move around easily. Allow room for accessories as well, whether you'll be planting flowers, setting pool equipment to the side or installing paving stones for a walkway.
  • Choose deep seating to recreate the look and feel of the indoors in your outdoor space.
  • Complement your design choice by adding colorful and comfortable cushions.  Bold, bright patterns draw attention to your patio while shades of green blend in with the environment.
  • Purchase cushions with a zipper that allows you to change the cover depending on your mood. Solution-dyed acrylic and other all-weather materials withstand conditions in most climates and increase your outdoor enjoyment.
  • Prolong the life of your outdoor investments with regular maintenance. Carefully inspect each piece when you move the furniture into the garden each spring and back to the garage in the fall. Some pieces will look their best if you keep them oiled regularly and some pieces will require little to no maintenance at all. If you won tubular metal be sure the drain holes, located at the bottom of each tube, are clear of debris and can drain. If excess water builds the water could freeze once the winter hits, expanding and cracking your aluminum or wrought iron patio furniture.

Additional Questions To Ask Before Shopping For Patio Furniture:

How is this furniture going to be primarily used?
For example, do you have quiet family dinners or rowdy neighborhood parties?  Will you use the furniture on a daily basis or just on rare occasions? Is this just for dining, or do you also want a lounging area?
Who is going to be using the furniture? Do you have a small family? Do you often entertain large groups of people? Do you have young children, teenagers or older adults utilizing your furniture?
Where is the furniture going to be placed? Inside a sun or four season room? Outside on a wooden deck or a paver patio? Will it be on the grass or concrete slab? Will it be in a sheltered area or fully exposed to the elements?
Are there any special considerations you need to account for prior to buying your furniture? Do you have a pool or are you near salt water? Do you live in a windy area? Do you have large trees? Do you have pets? Do you have a place to store the furniture during the winter?
What is your style? Do you prefer classic, traditional looks or do you favor clean, modern designs? Do you want your outdoor room to reflect the décor of the inside of your home or do you want to achieve a certain mood?

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2013 New Product Sneak Peek

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 As 2012 wraps up we are excited about some big changes coming to Robbies Billiards in the upcoming year.  A new generation has taken over the operation of this 60 year old company and as huge fans of entertaining at home we have big plans.  Robbies is not a "me too" type of store so what you will see and experience will be very different from other home game room retailers in Maryland and Virginia.  Here is a preview of some unique product offerings you will see in the Robbies showrooms in 2013 and beyond!

This is concept art for a new outdoor pool table available exclusivly at Robbies Billiards.  It will feature real three piece slate construction with solid powder coated aluminum legs, frame, and rails.  Unlike most outdoor style tables on the market today this will have a lifetime warranty even for commercial use and the Sunbrella weather proof cloth can be easily replaced just like an indoor pool table.  This is the perfect entertainment piece not only for your patio area but roof top space as well because it will fit into the elevator!  Stay tuned for more info...available 1st Q 2013

Robbies Billiards is becoming Robbies Billiards & Patio in 2013 and we are going to feature Patio Furniture not currently available in the Maryland, Virginia, or DC market.  If your taste is contemporary and you want very high quality commercial built entertainment lounge furniture for your outdoor recreation space then you have to check us out.  This is just a taste of the innovative and unique styles we will have available this spring.

How about the good old fashioned home pool table category?  Check out this new design from Brunswick Billiards called the "Brixton" home pool table.  This contemporary style table is straight from the showroom of Restoration Hardware and features solid Oak construction, finger joinery, and a modern finish.  The Brixton by Brunswick will be featured in the Kensington Maryland showroom early 2013 so make sure you stop by and check it out!

While we have sold Home Theater Seating in our Maryland showrooms for years, Robbies has never ventured into the realm of "traditional" couch and section set sales...until now!  We are going to feature examples like this Sofa Bed design by Palliser Furniture.  Not only is it an extremely comfortable custom sofa, it doubles as a Queen Size Bed made out of memory foam.  The arm come off of both sides a well, eliminating another major drawback of old fashioned sofa beds.  If you catch us grabbing a nap in the store one day at least we will have a great excuse!

Happy New Year and see you in 2013!

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Best Selling Pool Tables of 2012

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 It has been a great year so far at Robbies with our new "Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee Program" combined with our premium vendors like Brunswick, Olhausen, and Legacy Billiards, especially in the Pool Table category.  Our Kensington Maryland "Design Center" draws a very diverse range of customers looking for everything under the Sun to complete their vision for a dream entertainment space.  Styles are changing and customer taste varies from Maryland, to Virginia, to DC, then out to the rural areas of West Virginia.  We would like to present a list of our most popular and best selling pool tables of 2012.  This list is not necessarily by volume but also by price range, showroom presence, and intangible "hotness". 

 The La Condo by Canada Billiard

This is the ultimate dual purpose dining table pool table combination for real billiard enthusiasts.  This is your only option in three piece slate construction built at 29" high Dining Chair height in the industry.  Combined with incredibly solid Birch wood components, custom finish options, and six different designs the La Condo surprised us at how popular the right kind of high end modern table can be.  The La Condo is featured in our Kensington Showroom and we are the exclusive dealer of Canada Billiard custom pool tables in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area.

The Grace by Olhausen Billiards

What is there to say about the Grace that has not already been covered HERE?  It is the only Solid Hardwood American Made table in this price range with a Lifetime Guarantee, Stunning Original Cherry Wood Finish, and a universal transitional style that works in just about any setting.  The Grace has been a strong table in every market, but in 2012 the Grace became our number one best selling pool table.  The Grace is available to see in every Robbies Billiards Maryland Showroom.

The Glenwood by Brunswick Billiards

The traditional style ball & claw leg arched cabinet pool table is a long time favorite everywhere.  The Glenwood by Brunswick Billiards is a premium example of this type of pool table: elegant lines combined with premium construction and a lifetime warranty from a 175 year old company.  Brunswick comes very close to the "custom" category with the Glenwood by offering five different leg options, five different wood finishes, and 7' 8', or 9' Lengths.  This is our best selling Brunswick Pool table five years running and can be seen in any Robbies Showroom.

The Hampton by Olhausen Billiards

The Hampton is a new style of table that combines modern proportion with a traditional aesthetic.  Olhausen also hit a huge trend in the addition of built in cue and accessory storage drawers on the Hampton, and most buyers chose this optional upgrade.  The carved panels on the Hampton also make it the perfect home for wiped and antiqued wood finish options that are exclusive to Olhausen custom furniture.  The Hampton is also a very reasonable priced table compared to almost everything on the market with this level of style and customization.  We try to feature the Hampton in all of our showrooms but this table is often sold out!

The Chicago by Olhausen Billiards

The modern style Pool Table has finally hit the mainstream with the Chicago by Olhausen Billiards.  This was the sleeper hit of 2012 in our Kensington Showroom and was the number one Mid to Upper end Olhausen sold this year.  Many customers see the Chicago as a more traditional style table in medium and dark mahogany wood finishes.  We tend to show the Chicago in uber chic Matte Black Lacquer on Maple, but that is the great thing about custom tables!  Pictures do not do this table justice as it looks a little "off" on paper, but in person your jaw will drop.  Check out the Chicago in our Kensington Design Center and make it your own.

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Best Pool Tables Under $2,000

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 Very few new pool tables fall into the highly affordable sub $2,000 price range.  Early in the 2000's oversees manufacturing began to drive down the cost of entry level slate pool tables.  Before 2001 your main option under $2,000 was an ugly laminate box with 3/4" slate and plastic pockets.  These "basement dwellers" were an eye sore but played fairly well and still lurk in many Man Caves.  Much has changed with the advent of import pool tables and less expensive manufacturing techniques.  You will not find many premium tables for under 2 Grand as most of what you see online is "off brand" and available from fly-by-night drop shippers running web site only stores.  If you know where to look, however, there are some VERY good deals to be had for less than $2,000.  Here is our list of the Best Pool Tables for under $2,000.

The Grace is the only American Made Pool Table to make our list and remains a huge seller in Maryland, Virginia, and even DC.  It is not hard to see why.  The Grace has simple appealing lines that are design neutral, looking just as good in a contemporary setting as a traditional one.  The table is solid hardwood as well, something else almost unheard of in a sub $2,000 pool table.  The dark Original Cherry finish is flat-out the nicest looking "black cherry" finish at this price anywhere in the USA or China.  Finally, it has a real Lifetime Warranty from Olhausen Billiards, the largest custom manufacturer in the United States.  The only drawback is the Grace only comes in 8' with no customization or finish options.  That is a minor compromise when you get so much for around what you would spend on these comparable tables!  If you want to pick your own wood finish, legs, need size options, or just want to make it your own, start looking at pool tables in this range.

The best selling table in our Williamsport Maryland showroom for three years running is the Legacy Billiards Rylee pool table.  The import Rylee with its "perfect corner" construction, solid hardwood, and Carved Ball and Claw leg hardly looks like a table that would be well under $2,000.  Combine that with Five wood finish options, three leg options, 7' or 8' sizes available, and you have a game changer.  With a lifetime warranty from the largest stocking manufacturer on the east coast, the Legacy Rylee is a serious piece of  equipment for half the price of similar models from competitors.  Legacy might not be as well know as Brunswick or Olhausen, but with tables like the Rylee it will not be long before everyone knows the name.

While the Contender series Brunswick tables do not have the same construction as higher end "Brunswick Collection" pool tables, they are still very well built and last for years.  The best selling table in the group is the Brunswick Tremont, a simple but elegant carved leg table almost a third of the price of similar style tables in the Brunswick Collection.  The Tremont is so popular we decided to bundle it up with a rack, a ping pong top, accessories, and delivery for $2,499.  While this might not be a solid hardwood heirloom pool table you can rest assured it has the industries best Lifetime Warranty from the 160 year old Brunswick Billiards Company.  The Tremont only comes in 8' size with ball and claw legs and the Chestnut finish, but that just happens to be our most popular combination anyway!

The Black Wolf is a throw back to the days of Laminate "ball return" style tables sold primarily during the 70's and 80's.  Boy things are looking up with the Brunswick Black Wolf.  Starting under $2,000 you can even get a Ball Return System, something almost completely gone from the modern pool table industry.  If retro cool mixed with a modern color scheme is your cup of tea the Black Wolf delivers.  Wide Rails?  Check.  Heavy duty dent and mar resistant laminate?  Check.  Real three piece diamond honed 1" Framed Slate (same slate as sits on all Brunswick Tables, even THIS ONE!)  Check.  Lifetime Warranty, even on the cushion rubber?  Check.  The style is not for everyone but the Man Cave still needs tables like the Black Wolf and even your wife can't complain when you get all of this for under 2 Grand.

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Announcing the "Robbies Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee"

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We are proud to announce the "Robbies Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee" available to New Pool Table and Shuffleboard Table customers in Maryland, Virginia, DC, WV, and PA.  Our Guarantee represents the most comprehensive Warranty Coverage and "Worry Free" ownership experience available ANYWHERE!  Email for Info.

#1:  White Glove Delivery and Set Up from our In House Manufacturer Trained & Certified Master Technicians with 10+ Years Experience.  

-Contractors will never be used to install, service, or provide warranty work on any Robbies Table purchased in-store or online for local delivery.

#2:  Lifetime Warranty Parts & Labor Guarantee

-Labor Costs will always be covered by Robbies at no cost to you for the life of the manufacturer’s parts warranty.
-This warranty is voided if any non-Robbies Technician services, moves, or repairs the table.
-The manufacturer’s written warranty terms and conditions always take precedence over Robbies warranties written or implied

#3:  Lifetime Guarantee on Pool Table Leveling i.e. “the pool balls will always roll straight on the pool table”

-New 8' or larger pool tables with a minimum 1" thick three piece slate only.
-Level warranty is void if any non-Robbies technician moves or services the table, stands on the table, or has flooring or environmental conditions that prevent the table from staying level.

#4:  Lifetime Trade in Program on Pool Tables and Shuffleboard Tables

-Robbies will exchange any 7' or larger three piece slate pool table for a new table if the following conditions are met.  
-Robbies will exchange any 12’ or larger shuffleboard table for a new table if the following conditions are met.
-Table must have been originally purchased at Robbies after 1991 with proof of purchase.
-Table must be in reasonable playable condition with no major structural damage, water damage, or excessive wear and tear.
-Credit on trade-in will be no more than 50% of the original purchase price of the table only, not including cloth, delivery charges, or add on items not part of the table itself.
-Trade-in on new table has to double the original purchase price.
-Table trade-in on new table must be of same general type, i.e. Pool Table for Pool Table, Shuffleboard Table for Shuffleboard Table.
-Table trade-in must be located in the same delivery and setup location as the new table purchased for a free tear down and trade.  Tear down of the old table and setup of the new table purchased must be same day without any on-site delay caused by other workers.  Any table being exchanged from a location other than that of the new table install will incur a standard minimum service charge of $225 or more for the extra trip.

#5:  Lifetime Buy Back Guarantee on Pool Tables and Shuffleboard Tables

-Robbies will buy back any 1" three piece slate Pool Table or 12' or larger shuffleboard table with free pickup as long as the following qualifications are met.
-Table must be in reasonable playable condition with no major structural damage, water damage, or excessive wear and tear.
-Table must be located within our standard white glove delivery area and no more than 1 floor above or below ground level at the location.  Any special removal circumstances like additional steps, access windows, elevators, commercial locations, or jobs that require more than 2 technicians will incur additional fees debited against payment amount.
-Robbies will determine the payment amount to the seller based on current market value of the table itself without any delivery, installation, accessories, cloth, or upgrades.  Robbies will set this price at their discretion and will not be obligated to pay any more than the fair used value as determined by them.

#5:  Lifetime Coupons & Prefered Customer Discounts

-Exclusive offers for our customers only, including deep discounts on service jobs + discounts on additional custom built items like Pool Tables, Shuffleboard Tables, Theater Seating, Home Bars, Bar Stools, Poker/Dining Tables, Foosball, Air Hockey, Sectional Couches, and much more!

*Official Rules and Guidelines for the Program are available in store only, please call or visit your local showroom for more information or EMAIL

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Best Pool Tables for Vacation Homes

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 Over the years we have traveled deep into the West Virginia Appalachian mountains and to beach homes on Maryland's Eastern Shore helping customers outfit vacation homes or rental properties.  Other than a Hot Tub, the Pool Table is the ultimate recreation activity of choice for upscale vacation homes in this area.  Because we have experience setting so many different styles of pool tables here is a list of the "best selling" pool tables for Vacation Homes in Maryland, Virginia, DC, West Virginia, and even Southern Pennsylvania.

The Brunswick Black Wolf Pool Table is first on our list because we sell so many of these for vacation rentals just about anywhere.  The style is retro modern and definitely does not fall into the furniture category.  This is the table you expect renters or kids to beat up a bit and still look pretty good.  Thanks to a high pressure laminate rail, plastic pockets, and heavy duty plywood construction this table certainly takes a beating.  With an MSRP of only $2,159 it is priced very low for a Contender Brunswick Pool Table, so it makes good financial sense as well.  The Black Wolf is not a showpiece, but it is a perfect diversion in between cruising on the lake or hitting beach.

Another strong seller for both vacation homes and rentals is the Legacy Billiards Ryan Pool Table.  The Ryan has gone by a few different 
names over the years, but the design is essentially the same:  tapered legs, leather pockets, minimal carving, and a medium stain on oak wood.  The Legacy Ryan is an import table that stands out as one of the very few remaining imports in Oak.  At one point in the late 90's / early 00's Oak was fairly common but with changing furniture trends most manufacturer's have phased out the "old school" medium oak pool table in this price range.  With an MSRP of only $1,999 the Legacy Ryan Pool Table is a steal for your traditional mountain cabin or lake front get away.

For someone looking to really outfit their traditional mountain cabin look no further than the Olhausen Ponderosa Pool Table.  Every Ponderosa is truly one of a kind, as each table is hand crafted from select pieces of American Pine Logs fitted over a premium Olhausen sub frame, slate, and top of the line accu-fast rails.  Every detail is labored over by the master craftsman at Olhausen Billiards.   From the heavily knotted and distressed wood to the Buffalo Nickel rail sights, the Ponderosa is true showpiece that will define any space it occupies.  The Olhausen Ponderosa is not for the casual buyer with an MSRP of $5,499 but that can be considered a steal compared to other tables of this type.

If you have a little "ranch" in Western Maryland somewhere you have to check out the Olhausen Laredo Pool Table.  This totally unique 
design features custom corrian stone at the base of each Boot carved leg, hand inlaid cowboy rail sights, and legendary Olhausen construction through out.  Every little detail is custom, even the rail sights feature a ranch hand on horseback!  As far as pricing goes you had better be a successful ranch owner because MSRP is over $10,000 for this dogie.

When we think of the ultimate theme pool table on the market today we can't help imagining a custom nautical themed room in a beach front mansion.  The table that lives in that posh space is nothing other than the Brunswick Isabella.  There are too many high end touches on this table to mention in one paragraph, but highlights include Lapis Lazuli stone inlay, silver castings, exotic hardwoods, and a "free" matching cue rack.  The Isabella Pool Table reminds us of a 50 million dollar super yacht in a sea of tug boats.  With an MSRP of Forty Grand you might need to sell that yacht to afford this limited edition status symbol.

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Aramith Fusion Knock Off While working with a preferred designer in Northern Virginia we ran into an issue with a pool table from  Normally I would not refer visitors to my web site to a competitor but in this case I feel obligated to provide some education.  We are the authorized manufacturer's representative for the Aramith Fusion Pool and Dining Table in Maryland, Virginia, and DC.  The Fusion Table has been around for years and is a favorite among designers, architects, and buyers looking to source a table for apartment buildings.  The hallmark of the Fusion Table you can read in detail from my previous REVIEW, but in simple terms it has a super modern clean look like nothing else on the market.  

While I have a very good relationship with the designer in this case she could not pass up a "Fusion Look Alike" on cuszoom for half the price.  She placed the order with them, paid in full via check, then confirmed that the table would be available in 2 to 3 months.  As a designer the Pool / Dining table was for a client so her cost basis and delivery time frame was now promised to her client.  As the delivery date approached my designer took the time to contact to confirm the table would be shipped and presumably set up at the clients location by the promised delivery date.  At this point she was informed the table that she bought and paid for months earlier was in fact back ordered for another few months.  In a panic she contacted us looking for a way to fill this order under a very tight time frame.  

Her first disappointment came as the price of a real steel frame slate top pool table was much higher than what she had budgeted with her client.  As there was no other real option at this point she confirmed the order with us for a real Aramith Fusion Pool/Dining Table.  When she called to get a refund there was some confusion.  Apparently they could now fill the order ASAP!  When my designer friend called me back to apologize and cancel her Fusion Table order as everything was going to move ahead smoothly with cuszoom I was more than a little exasperated.  Having never heard of this company with I started digging online.  What I found was troubling to say the least.  I forwarded the following link to my designer from  To sum it up, is aparently an Internet Scam.  There are dozens of people complaining about false advertising, missed shipping deadlines, a total lack of customer service, and in some cases downright fraud.  Cuszoom also has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau stemming from multiple customer complaints.  After reading this my designer immediately re-ordered the Fusion table for her client.  Weeks later she has yet to receive a refund or even a return call from Cuszoom customer support.  This is definitely a case of "if it seams too good to be true it probably is" and  reinforces the need to make an effort to seriously research a companies reputation before spending thousands of dollars!


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Aramith Fusion 7' Dining Pool Table Review

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As part of our blog we are continuing to review some of the best selling and most unique game tables available today.  One of the most unique tables in the world is the Fusion Table by Aramith.  The Belgian Aramith brand is the largest and best know maker of billiard balls in the world.  Aramith was recently purchased by Iwan Simonis, a 300 year old company and one of the largest manufacturer's of pocket billiard table fabric in the world.  With this type of corporate pedigree, we expect big things from the Fusion Dining Pool Table!  The Fusion Table is available in 7' only with half a dozen wood finish options, powder coated steel, and stainless steel cabinet styles.  What makes the Fusion Table truly unique is the patented leg riser system that allows the table to rise from 30" dining height up to 33" (regulation American Billiards table height) making it a true hybrid dining and billiard table in one. 


The Fusion Table by Aramith was the first steel frame ultra modern style table to hit the US market almost a decade ago.  The design was almost indistinguishable from a high end modern dining table and did not look like anything on the market at that time.  The very clean minimalist modern lines are beautifully proportioned with the legs pushed all the way out to the corners of the table.  The lack of visible pool table pockets and very little depth to the play surface look cleaner overall than similar tables that have entered the market over the years.  Very chic wood finish options like Wenge (Dark Chocolate), Grey Oak, and Walnut fit beautifully into the modern high rise apartments and contemporary homes in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC.  The one piece steel frame blends seamlessly into the rails of the pool table when the dining top is removed, wrapping the steel frame over the rail edge as a final touch.  Despite many knock offs and modern competitors, the Aramith Fusion Table is still the best looking metal frame dining style pool table money can buy.

Score:  A


In order to look the way the Fusion Table does some very unique engineering comes into play.  The slate play surface is one piece 3/4" slate instead of the typical 1" three piece slate you see on modern high end pool tables.  To push the legs out to the corners of the table almost 300 pounds of steel are used to construct the frame as lighter materials would bend or wobble under the weight of the slate play surface.  The wood rails and dining top are actually veneered manufactured wood or HDF (High Density Fiberboard).  This is typical of most modern dining furniture but very rare on slate pool tables over $3,000.  Another odd bit is that all of the hardware is designed to be put together with an allen wrench, just like you would a dining table from IKEA!  The main issue we have with the Fusion Tables construction is that without 1" three piece slate you cannot truly get the play surface flat, and the light weight 3/4" slate on the already generally light 7' table size does not help.  Over all, the Fusion Table is very well constructed for a high end steel frame dining table but leaves much to be desired as compared to industry standard pool table construction in this price range.

Score:  B-


When trying to determine the relative value of the Fusion Table you run into a problem:  do you compare this to other modern style 7' pool tables or try and figure out what it would cost to get both a high-end modern dining table in addition to a high end modern pool table for your home?  Very few tables give you the true combination, and all of the major manufacturer's offerings are priced similarly to the Aramith Fusion Table (MSRP $7,995).  The fact is you can get a better playing 7' three piece slate table for less than half the price of the Fusion Table.  Throw in a high quality dining conversion top for around $1,000 and you are still way less than the hybrid style Fusion.  The problem is, nothing can substitute for the 30" dining height and low profile cabinet that allows you to put any standard dining room chairs around the Fusion.  Typical pool tables sit too high and do not have ample room to tuck your legs under the table when you attempt to use them while dining.  No other manufacturer has designed a way to "raise" the play surface up to the more comfortable (and regulation) pool table playing height of 33".  So to be fair, you really are getting two things in one, making the Fusion Table a good value if you were going to spring for a $2,500 plus modern steel frame dining table and still wanted to add an ultra modern 7' pool table at over $5,000.

Score:  B-


The Aramith Fusion Dining Pool Table is definitely not for everyone and is very controversial among specialty retailers around the country.  Putting aside the taste specific modern style, most pool table buyers will be happier with a better playing three piece slate table in solid wood for under $4,000.  Most high end dining set customers will not want to spend close to $8,000 and not even get dining chairs.  If you only have room for one or the other though, the Fusion Table truly stands alone as the Worlds only table that works both as a regulation 7' pool table and a gorgeous modern dining table.  What sets the Fusion Table apart is to some degree it's exclusivity and "wow" factor.  High end apartment buildings and corporate headquarters while disguised as a conference table are the natural habitat for the Fusion.  When we demonstrate the Fusion Pool Table leg risers in our Maryland Showrooms it never fails to drop jaws in amazement.  Despite some complaints about the odd ball construction, this table is still engineered to last for decades with heavy duty steel and diamond honed slate.  Our final recommendation would be to use the Fusion primarily as a dining table and sometimes as a pool table to impress your friends, not the other way around.  With these stunning lines and modern materials you will spend more time admiring your Fusion Table than you will playing on it anyway!

Final Verdict:  B

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