Olhausen Alexandria Pool Table installed in Washington DC

Posted on March 15, 2016 | 0 comments
Here is another very special pool table space installed in the Loree Grand Apartments in Washington DC courtesy of Design Works Interiors.  This is the latest high end commercial project we have completed for Design Works Interiors and it could not be a nicer combination of the bespoke Made in the USA Olhausen Alexandria pool table and the design vision of real professional space planning.  The pool table is custom made in a dark Ebony finish on solid North American Maple and features Mother of Pearl inlay and a laser cut logo in the rail.  The fabric is a dark grey Charcoal that is spill and stain proof for heavy duty commercial enviroments.  The Alexandria is our own custom design and if you would like yours custom built for any residential or commercial project please contact us today at 301-331-7024 or email alexandria pool table rail detailolhausen alexandria pool table ebony leg detailolhausen alexandria pool table ebony
olhausen alexandria pool table washington dc

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Olhausen Game Room Delivered to Maryland Eastern Shore

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Thank you John O. of Warton Maryland for putting together a nice Olhausen Game Room package for his Maryland shorefront vacation home.  The always classic Olhausen Gabriel pool table in Traditional Mahogany is framed by a Cornilleou Sport 250 Table tennis imported from France.  The Euro Blue Olhausen cloth is a nice color pop next to the European Tournament table tennis blue top as well.  The entire game room is rounded off with a coordinating cue accessory stand and all the best accessories.  The Gabriel can be seen in person at our Rockville Maryland Pool Table design center and our Williamsport Maryland Billiard Pro shop location.table tennis delivered to maryland eastern shore

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Olhausen Breckenridge Pool Table Installed in Rockville Maryland

Posted on January 26, 2016 | 0 comments
What a Christmas present for Alan R. of Rockville Maryland!  We installed this 8' Olhausen Breckenridge pool table on New Years Eve and everyone had a great time that night with this stunning custom rustic table.  The Breckenridge remains our most popular reclaimed rustic pool table design because it pretty much looks great in any room setting.  Fitting the family and fun room theme the customer went with bright Red Olhausen Accu-Guard tournament cloth and a custom built two tone black and brandywine wall rack from Olhausen as well.  The mint green walls and comfy wall to wall carpet make this a cozy relaxed game room for the entire family.  We feature a Breckenridge pool table and Shuffleboard table on display at our new Rockville Maryland Pool Table showroom opening Feb. 2016.
olhausen breckenridge pool table rockville marylandolhausen breckenridge pool table side view

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The Ultimate Guide To Playing Pool

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Thank you to Jess Philpott of Home Leisure Direct in the UK for sharing this with us.

Cue sports are hugely popular across the world. The simplicity of the game and the fact anyone from any age group can play makes it a great game to play socially. The problem with this is that hardly anybody knows how to play pool/billiards properly. The misconception is that you hold a cue, aim it and fire. This is how most people play and it’s still fun to play this way. Wouldn’t it be better though if you knew how to play and dominated each game you did play on pool tables
It’s your lucky day
We’ve found a comprehensive guide on how to play pool by no other than 4x World Champion Gareth Potts. The guide is 10 chapters long supported with text, video and additional resources. You can jump to any chapter you like and focus on that aspect of your game. Once you complete the guide you realise how many little things affect your play in pool
The way you stand and line up a shot is vitally important. The way you hold the cue with your back hand is vitally important and the other 8 aspects discussed in this complete guide to playing pool. 
You can find the full guide here: The Complete Guide To Playing Pool
Let us know what you think and come back here and comment below on what aspect of your game you think is lagging the most and what your favourite chapter is.

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Plank and Hide Vox Pool Table installed in Rockville Maryland

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Thank you to Dr. Emmanuelle O. of Rockville Maryland for purchasing this new Vox pool table by Plank and Hide.  The table is shown in the dark gunmetal grey finish on solid steel contruction with Olhausen Accu-Guard tournament stain and spill resistant billiard cloth in Ebony.  The table plays wonderfully off of the custom distressed grey wide plank flooring for a rustic and urban feel in this game space.  The buyer has young children who will enjoy this table for years to come because of the indestructable steel construction and 1,000 pound assembled weight.  Wow! That is not your run of the mill basement pool table.  For pricing and availability on the new Plank and Hide steel line of pool table please contact Robbies Billiards Home and Patio at 301-331-7024, email, or visit our new Rockville Maryland design center.plank and hide vox pool table grey metal detailplank and hide vox pool table setup in rockville marylandplank and hide vox pool table logo grey metal

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Robbies Billiards Dining Pool Table Delivered to Arlington Virginia

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Congratulations to Dominic D. of Arlington Virginia for his recent installation of this custom modern dining pool table.  The table features a four piece leaf style dining top, Brunswick Superspeed cushion rubber, 1" tournament three piece slate, and a lifetime warranty through Robbies Billiards Home and Patio.  Dominic went with the new hot neutral Bankers Grey color in the spill and stain proof Olhausen Accu-Guard fabric in case someone knocks a drink over on the dining table.  This parsons style pool table has been growing in popularity the last few years and now everyone can have this designer look in thier home or office.  For pricing and availability please call Robbies Billiards Home & Patio at 301-331-7024, email or visit our showroom locations today.robbies billiards modern dining pool table room2robbies billiards modern dining pool table

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Olhausen Monarch Pool Table installed in Blacksburg Virginia

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Thanks again to Pinnacle Construction in Virginia for working with us to design this stunning game room space featuring the Olhausen Monarch 9' Pool Table in Brushed Aluminum with custom Matte Black Lacquer maple rails and khaki billiard cloth.  This is the second Monarch we have installed for Pinnacle in upscale condo communities in the Virginia area and it looks even better in this space.  Check out the pictures they speak volumes!  For your own custom Olhausen Monarch pool table call Robbies Billiards Home & Patio at 301-331-7024, email or visit our new Rockville Maryland pool table design center today.olhausen monarch pool table roomolhausen monarch pool table brushed aluminummonarch pool table

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Olhausen Alexandria Pool Table installed in Potomac Maryland

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The Alexandria custom pool table is our most sought after game room showpiece and we would like to thank Steven G. of Potomac Maryland for purchasing this unique example.  Steven worked with his designer to coordinate the finish and fabric on this Alexandria pool table in his upstairs dining room so they could enjoy billiards just off of the family kitchen.  The finish is Olhausen Heritage Maple with a wiped through antique treatment showing the lighter maple panels with burnishing along the edges.  This more traditional finish on the very contemporary Alexandria works well in the customers home in one of the more established neighborhoods in Potomac Maryland.  If you would like to talk about designing your own custom Alexandria pool table please call Robbies Billiards Home & Patio at 301-331-7024, email, or visit our new Rockville Maryland Design Center today.alexandria pool table olhausen heritage maple finishalexandria pool table side viewolhausen alexandria pool table potomac maryland

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Olhausen Innsbruck Pool Table in Potomac Maryland

Posted on December 01, 2015 | 0 comments

This custom made Olhausen Innsbruck 7' pool table was recently installed in a very nice home near our Rockville showroom in Potomac Maryland.  Not only was the room very well appointed the table is unique as well, featuring a rich dark ebony finish on solid maple, custom hand set rail sights, and a built in cue storage drawer option.  I love the way this very dark custom finish option pops off of the white marble tile floor with the black marble inlay!  Thank you Lisa C. for letting us outfit your new game room with such a nice looking furniture pool table, once again custom made in the USA by Olhausen billiards.  To design your own custom Innsbruck pool table visit our new Rockville Maryland design center or call 301-331-7024 for hours and directions.olhausen innsbruck pool table detail

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Breckenridge Pool Table and Shuffleboard in Clarksville Maryland

Posted on October 26, 2015 | 0 comments
Congrats to Kim B. of Clarksville Maryland on her spectacular Olhausen Breckenridge rustic game room including the best selling Breckenridge Pool Table and 12' custom Breckenridge Shuffleboard Table.  The pool table even has a one of a kind rustic matching floor cue stand for all of the accessories!  This game room was the dream project for the family to enjoy and we are happy to make it one of the nicest rooms in Maryland.  Check out the tournament play surface on the Breckenridge shuffleboard table and the little details on the pool table like the Buffalo Nickel inlayed rail sights.  For pricing and availability on the Breckenridge reclaimed rustic collection of game room furniture please call, email, or visit a Robbies Billiards showroom today.

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